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HGSYSTEM is a suite of programs for assessing dispersion of vapour from gas, liquid or 2 phase releases including multi-component mixtures. HGSYSTEM was first assembled to model the release of Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) and ideal gases (Version 1.0) and then extended to include multicomponent mixtures (version 3.0). HGSYSTEM has been developed by Shell Research Ltd with the support and sponsorship of industry groups.

HGSYSTEM/UF6 is a collaborative development of HGSYSTEM by Lockheed Martin Energy Systems and Earth Technology, sponsored by the United States Department of Energy (DoE), to predict the dispersion of the hydrolysis products of Uranium Hexafluoride. HGSYSTEM/UF6 is supported at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (a Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation facility) via funding from DoE and is available from the US Department of Energy's Energy Science and technology Software Centre (ESTSC)

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