Overview of HGSYSTEM

HGSYSTEM is a package of PC based models for simulating the atmospheric dispersion of hydrocarbons and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF). The package is widely used for assessing hazard and/or mitigation strategies.

The links from the following table give a very brief sketch of what each module of HGSYSTEM can do.

Data base of properties DATAPROP
Source Terms SPILL LPOOL
Near Field Dispersion AEROPLUME HEGABOX
Far Field Dispersion HEGADAS PGPLUME
Hydrogen Fluoride Models HFSPILL HFPLUME HFFLASH

Each of the HGSYSTEM modules can be run as a stand-alone model. However, the full benefit of the system is obtained by using a series of HGSYSTEM modules strung together to model a complete scenario ; composed of a source, near-field and far-field description of the dispersion process being studied.

For most modules of HGSYSTEM 3.0, two thermodynamical/chemical descriptions of the released pollutant are available to the user: full reactive chemistry and thermodynamics for an HF/water/inert ideal gas system or a new general non-reactive multi-compound two-phase aerosol model. The latter is new to version 3 and makes HGSYSTEM applicable to a very wide range of problems