Downloading and Installing HGSYSTEM

HGSYSTEM requires 2.5 MB of free disk space. HGSYSTEM uses file based input and output and has no graphical user interface. The user has to supply a text editor in order to prepare the input files and graphing tools in order to display the results if so required.

Both version 3.0 and 3.1 of HGSYSTEM can be downloaded from this page. The updates in v3.1 are described here.

The core HGSYSTEM software can be downloaded as a zipped file.

Download HGSYSTEM v3.0 as a zipped file (2,196 KB)
Download HGSYSTEM v3.1 as a zipped file (2,385 KB)

HGSYSTEM v3.0 should be expanded into a directory called C:\HGSYSTEM, but it is possible to extract v3.1 to any location - see details in V3.1 changes.
Once the software is extracted you will need to edit your PATH environment variable to include the installation directory

The PATH variable can be found under settings | control panel | system | enviroment. A new command window will need to be spawned for the changes to take effect.

The HGSYSTEM documentation comprises a beginners guide, a more complete user guide and a full technical reference manual.
  Getting started with HGSYSTEM
  Download HGSYSTEM Technical Reference (1,190 KB)
  Download HGSYSTEM User Manual (97 KB)