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Technical support from the following individuals and financial sponsorship by their employers is gratefully acknowledged:
Doug N. Blewitt, Amoco Corporation
Richard W. Carney, Phillips Petroleum Co.
Howard J. Feldman, American Petroleum Institute
David J. Fontaine, Chevron Research & Technology
Lee K. Gilmer, Texaco Research
William J. Hague, AlliedSignal, Inc.
Gilbert Jersey, Mobil Research & Development
John A. King, Shell Development Company
Charles A. Soczek, DuPont
Kenneth W. Steinberg, Exxon Research & Engineering
The authors wish to express their thanks to all the above-mentioned members of the API Air Modelling Task Force for the support and feedback that they have provided during the development of HGSYSTEM 3.0.

Steve Hanna, Joe Chang and John Zhang of The Earth Technology Corporation have provided useful feedback on HGSYSTEM 3.0 and its documentation. Joe Chang's pleasant and skilled co-operation has been much appreciated.

Development of the options to HGSYSTEM as implemented by The Earth Technology Corporation was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., managing contractor of the Oak Ridge K-25 Site, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, under contract DE-AC05-84OR21400.

The LPOOL model was made available by Exxon Research and Engineering Company.

User Guide MAIN MENU